Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My favourite genius: JOHAN CRUYFF

My favourite genius is: JOHAN CRUYFF
Player and trainer of Dutch football. At the age of ten it(he,she) joined the Ajax of Amsterdam, club which(whom) would remain until 1973 and with the one that would obtain six titles(degrees) of League and three Europa's glasses. Between(among) 1973 and 1978 it(he,she) played in the F. C. Barcelona, with which(whom) it(he,she) obtained the Championship of League of 1974. He was nominated a better European football player in three occasions (1971, 1973 and 1974) and in 1974 there was designated better player of the disputed World one that year.

My Favourite Genius: Stephenie Meyer

My favourite genius is Sthepenie Meyer.She's the author of the Twilight saga.That includes : Twilight,new moon,eclipse and breaking dawn.She was born in Connecticut (United States) at 1973 in December 24.And she grew up in Phoenix (Arizona).
She studied in the Brigham Young University where she graduated of english literature.She met his husband Christian when she lived in Arizona and they get married in 1994.She says that the Twilight idea is taken from a dream.
She's my favourite genius because her books are awesome, the Twilight saga is great and in December 5 the Twilight movie was released in Spain.

My favourite genious is: Thomas Alva Edison

Hello! I'm going to tell you about my favourite genious:
Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio in 1847 and he died in West Orange, New Jersey in 1931. His mother taught him because he was a bad student at school. He loved reading Science books and he often tried the experiments he read in them. I think he's a genius because he invented lots of daily use objects, like the incandescent lamp.

My favourite genius: Zidane

My favourite genius is Zinedine Zidane. He was born in Marseilles. With 17 years he made his debut in the first division with the Cannes. He was in the Bordeaux and after in the Juventus. He made debut with French selection. He won these cups: League, Cup, Supercup, World Supercup, Eurocup and Champions League with Real Madrid.

Monday, 29 December 2008

My favorite genius: Aristotle

Aristotle is one of the biggest philosophers of the antiquity and chance of the history of the western philosophy. He was the creator of logic, predecessor of the anatomy and the biology and creator of taxonomics. He was born in Estagira, Macedonia, 384 B.C. and he died in Calcis Eubea, Greece, 322 B.C

Laura Gutiérrez del Pozo. 3ºA

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My favorite genius: Socrates

Socrates was a Greek philosopher considered as one of the biggest so much of the western as universal philosophy since from very young he called the attention by his reasonings and his fluency of speech and as predecessor of Plato and Aristotle, being three fundamental representatives of the Greek philosophy.

Raquel Martínez Ruiz 3ºA

My favourite genius is Tony Melero.

Tony Melero is the youngest humorist of Spain with only 21 years he already has taken part in series of television, announcements, cinema, radio, TV and discography. He is a son of the famous humorist Tony Antonio. I make début for the first time being a child in " SEE SEE " TVE 1.

Monday, 22 December 2008

My Favourite Genius: Rafa Nadal

Hello everybody!!
I'm going to speak about my favourite genius and say the things he has done. His name is Rafa Nadal. He is the best tennis player in Spain and in the world. He is the number one of the ATP and this year he won most of the Grand Slams circuit tournaments. He couldn't win all the grand slams because he has tendinitis in his knee. He also won the title of the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer and after that he couldn't play the Davis Cup because of his serious tendinitis. In this way the season ended and he is working to get back into a good physical shape. Finally I'm sure that he will win more titles in the next future.
Marcos López-Aguado Sánchez E3ºA

My favourite genius: Alexandre Graham Bell

I will tell you a bit of the life of my favourite genius:

His name was Alexander Graham Bell. He was born in 1847 in Scotland and he died in 1922 in Canada. Graham was important because assisted in the development of telecommunications and technology of aviation. He was also the founder of National Geographic Society. His best invent was the phone.