Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is soccer important?

Many people are obsessed with it as if it was its life. But I say: "is it really worthwhile to suffer for that sport?"
Firstly, it is a sport as any other... If you win well and if not to train but.
Secondly, from my point of view I see a to foolishness to run behind a ball. and so that? Because to give him a kick and to put it in a subject net for three sticks, if he/she enters it is goal.
In conclusion, I don't like soccer and when I watch it I get bored. I admire people that follows that... sport.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Is the internet necessary?

Is the Internet necessary?

Now many people are using the Internet for work or study. In my opinion is very important for all.
Firstly, it contains information about what you are looking for, images, music, videos, programs to work with.
Secondly, I think that besides containing information it is a means of communication with many people around the world, business… You can also surf the internet, play, talk with friends but we must be very careful because it can be dangerous.
In conclusion, I think that we can not live without the Internet and we need it.

Raquel Martínez Ruiz

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Watch what you want.

Many people think that one TV series or another is only for men or women, in my opinion that's not important.
Firstly, if you watch a TV program or another that won't change you completely, for example : one guy is watching the Powerpuff Girls, he won't act like a girl because of the program.

Secondly, many kids laugh at their friends for that reason and they become shy because of that. They won't tell anybody what they are watching or not, because they are afraid of their friends. And probably they will lie about that only to avoid one problem.
In conclusion, don't be shy or nervous when you tell what you watch or you don't watch, you must be proud of what you watch and ignore your friends who laugh at you.
They're probably lying ;).

Juan David

Bullfighting, for or against?

Bullfighting? What, for or against? Highly questioned by some people, I believe that:

Firstly, it is an ancient tradition, and parents and grandparents are in favour. Moreover, many of these dangerous animals die to satisfy the people.

Secondly, to jump into the ring as a bullfighter is very dangerous and many protesters are against the treatment to these dangerous animals.

In conclusion, I believe that every one is entitled to think whatever they want about this kind of entertainment or hobby.

Laura Gutiérrez del Pozo.

Chess: That big unknown.

I'm going to tell you about a very popular board game that people think is very difficult and boring but in my opinion that isn't true.

Firstly, it's a very funny game with billions of possible different combinations; each entry is an amazing battle in the chessboard with the aim of killing the rival king, and you must play offensive and defensive at the same time.

Secondly, it isn't difficult to learn the basic rules; if you want to improve you must practice and think fast!

In conclusion, I think people that say chess is not fun must try it... and enjoy!


My Ideal Sport

Some people think that voleyball is a sport in which players aren´t moving in the court, but I don´t think so.

Firstly, voleyball is a sport that involves a great strength and fitness to better face matches. You have to run anywhere for the ball.

Secondly, I enjoy playing voleyball very much because it´s my favourite sport.I started to play voley six years ago.
Slowly, in these years, I´ve realized that I´m better player because I learn more when I have fun in the game with my friends.

In conclusion, I think that voleyball is a sport that mixes fun and friendship and this is all I want.