Tuesday, 31 March 2009

So what? Cris vs Paula

-Hi, Paula, how are you?
-Very good, and you?
-I'm fine. What's up in your life?
-My parents and me have just flown to Germany.
-So what? I've just bought the Dominican Republic and I'm living there.
-I've just been with the most famous goalkeeper in the world, Casillas.
-It's nothing! I've just met God, and he's just given me a cloud.
-So what? I've just climbed the Everest. And I've met Yeti.
-So what? I've just done bungee jumping with my boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo.
-So what? I've just won a prize in Australia.
-So what? I've just won the prize of "best person in the world".
-I don't believe you. You aren't the best person for me.
-What do you say? I'm sorry, I don't understand you. Are you trying to flatter me?
-Ha, ha!

Dani's lifestyle

Dani's lifestyle.
Dani is a famous singer, he's the leader of "El Canto del Loco". He earns much money, and he's always busy. He's very beautiful, and his fans love him. He lives in a flat in Madrid. He has just made a record and he has just tattooed his arm. He has travelled to many different countries for the concerts. He loves "Atletic de Madrid", sing and the cars. He hasn't got girlfriend, and his sister have just died.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Kaspárov's lifestyle

Gary Kaspárov is one of the most famous chessplayers of the history of chess. He has won the world championship many times but now he is retired. He was born in Bakú, Azerbaiyan, but he lived in Russia. He is very famous because of his match against Deep Blue, and he has just been beaten against another computer. Also, he has just get married with a Russian woman.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Tracy Mcgrady is a player of Houston Rockets.He is a good player of basketball.He has played All-Star Weekend.He is much money.He has just bought a new fast car and he has just won a matches.He has played in Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors.He lives in a big house in Houston.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kristen Bell's lifestyle.

Kristen Bell is a very good actress.She's very famous and has appeared on te TV series Veronica Mars and Heroes.She lives in the United States, in Chicago.She earns a lot of money. She has just traveled to France where she bought a new house.She isn't mariried and she doesn't have boyfriend.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Miguel Ángel Silvestre's lifestyle

Miguel Ángel Silvestre is an actor. He is very successful between a lot of people and he earns much money. He has played tennis but was injured in a tournament in Hungari. He's study interpretation, expression and modern dance. He has a girlfriend Belén López.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Ricky Rubio is a professional player basketball and student. He is wonderful and good player. He lives in El Masnou (Barcelona) in a small flat in the city. He has just won a silver medal in Pekin. He likes basket and play station. He lives with family; father, mather and brother. He hasn’t a girlfriend.


Miguel Torres´s lifestyle

M.Torres is a player of football professional in the Ral Madrid.He is famous and he is much money.M.Torres lives in a city center and he has just won Bilbao in the matches of football.He has go to saw the player of the "cantera".He isn´t married but he has girlfiend

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Guillermo´s lifestyle

Guillermo Falasca is a professional volleyball player. He´s very famous. He has a lot of money and he plays in a korean team. He lives in a wonderful country house with a climated pool and it has three storeys. He has won the Europe tournament last year. He won a lot of tournaments in Spain. This man play in Korea but the last season went to an italian team. He has just played the voleyball world cup with Spain. He is married and he has a daughter.

LeBron James lifestyles

LeBron James is a famous basketball player. He´s very good player and the specialist of basket say what he´s the best player of the world. He´s very rich and he lives in a big house in Cleveland. His team, Cleveland Cavaliers is second in the National Basketball Association(NBA) thanks to him. He travelled often with his team for play at the others teams. He isn´t married and his only familiy is his mother, Gloria.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Joel vs.Juan David

JD: Hi Joel, what's up?
J: Hey!
JD: I've just met Tarja Turunen.
J: So what? I've just met Pilar Rubio.
JD: I've just flown to New York.
J: So what? I've just flown to New York in first class.
JD: I've just appeared on a televison program, Heroes.
J: So what? I've just appeared in other television progam, Minuto y Resultado.
JD: I've just done bungee jumping.
J: So what? I've just climbed a mountain.
JD: I've just won a Nobel Prize.
J: So what? I've just won the Champions League with Betis.
JD: Good bye!
J: Bye!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Manu vs Solo!!

M: -Hi, Solo, what´s up?
S: -Hi, Manu, how are you?
M: -I'm fine, I've just won a chess prize!
S: -So what? I've just won Fama!!
M: -I've just appeared on TV!
S: -So what? Me too, because Miguel Ángel Silvestre was my boyfriend!!
M: -So what? I've just met Patricia Conde!!!
S: -So what? I've just met Christiano Ronaldo!!!!
M: -I've just flown to the space!
S: -So what? I've just sailed the Caribbean Sea on a luxurious yacht!!
M: -I've just climbed the Everest!
S: -So what? I've just dived the Marianas Trench!!
M: -See you later.
S: -Bye!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Marcos vs. Laura

M: -Hi, Laura! How are you?
L: -I'm fine, and you?
M: -Fine. Do you know that I've just met Elsa Pataky?
L: -So what? I've just met Fernando Torres and Iker Casillas.
M: -I've just flown to New York.
L: -So what? I've just flown to Puntacana.
M: -I've just appeared on an important television programme, Fourth Milenium.
L: -So what? I've just appeared on a film, Pirates of the Caribbean.
M: -I've just spent the Easter holidays in the Bahamas with my family.
L: -So what? I've just spent the Easter holidays in the space with my friends.
M: -I've just learnt by heart my town's History.
L: -So what? I've just learnt the History of the World.
M: - Are you showing off?
L: -Of course not! I'm your best friend!
M: -OK. See you soon.
L: -Bye.

Marcos López-Aguado Sánchez y Laura Gutiérrez del Pozo

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lidia vs. Raquel

L: Hi, Raquel! What's up?
R: Hi, Lidia ! Very well, and you?
L: I've just come from New York.
R: So what? I've just bought Madagascar.
L: So what? Yesterday, I bought America.
R: OK. I've met Iker Casillas.
L: So what? Miguel Ángel Silvestre is my boyfriend.
R: So what? I've just won Big Brother.
L: I've just won Supervivientes in Honduras.
R: So what? I've just done bungee jumping.
L: I've just done rafting in Tormes river.
R: OK. I've just won the lottery.
L: But I've just won Password.
R: OK. You win.
L: OK. Bye, see you later.
R: Bye.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dani vs. María

D: Hello,María.
M: Hi,Dani.
D: How are you?
M: I´m fine thanks, and you?
D: I´m really well. I´ve just won a football cup.
M: So what? I've just won the euromillions.
D: So what? I´ve just flown to Paris and there I've met Elsa Pataky.
M: So what? I´ve just flown to the Caribbean, and there I´ve met Miguel Torres.
D: I´ve just done bungee jumping! It´s very funny!
M: So what? I´ve just climbed the Himalaya!
D: I´ve just appeared in DEC.
M: So what? I´ve just appeared in Fama.
D: I´ve just gone to Güiza and Cassano's party!
M: So what? I´ve just gone to the concert of Los Rebujitos.
D: Go to hell! Goodbye!
M: So long, you, clown!

María Cuenca Martínez y Daniel González Gómez.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Is football important?

Many people believe that football is very boring and does not serve any purpose, but in my opinion it isn´t so.
Firstly, football serves to improve the physical condition of those who practise it, while they try to score in their opponent's goal.
Secondly, football is very entertaining and being a team sport fosters friendship between the players, though sometimes there are players who don't take part in matches to amuse themselves, but to kick their rivals.
In conclusion, football is a very entertaining sport, provided that you play well, without kicking.