Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What does football mean?

Is football a stupid hobby or is it a lifestyle? In my opinion, it is a very important lifestyle. Firstly, football is a sport and is good to your health and only sometimes can be an expensive hobby (when you have to buy equipment or watch a football match).
Secondly, a lot of people support their team. In a football match the followers are very excited,
very happy or sometimes they cry. The footballers are very rich and famous. This is a mistake, they only play, no more.
Finally, football is a passion shared by many people in the world.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is practising sports important?

In my opinion practising sports is very important for having a good health.
Firstly, I think that people should practise sports since they are children. When you go to high school for the first time, joining a team is a good way to make new friends, and to have fun. Sports can be very funny when you play them with your friends.

Secondly, sports aren´t only useful in order to make friends, they are good for your health too, specially for old people. People who usually practise sports have a longer life.

In conclusion, practising sports is good for everybody -age doesn´t matter- and also for meeeting new people.

María Cuenca Martínez

Is music important?

In my opinion, music is a very important thing. Firstly, music helps us express our feelings and show our thoughts and ideas. We can not only listen but also sing.
Secondly, if you hear music you can do other things at the same time, for example, do your homework, tidy your room, ride a bike...
My favourite kind of music is pop music and I like groups such as El canto del loco, Pereza, Despistaos and singers like Beyonce, Manolo García and Amy Winehouse.
I conclusion, I think that listening to music is the best way to spend time and I love music.