Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is practising sports important?

In my opinion practising sports is very important for having a good health.
Firstly, I think that people should practise sports since they are children. When you go to high school for the first time, joining a team is a good way to make new friends, and to have fun. Sports can be very funny when you play them with your friends.

Secondly, sports aren´t only useful in order to make friends, they are good for your health too, specially for old people. People who usually practise sports have a longer life.

In conclusion, practising sports is good for everybody -age doesn´t matter- and also for meeeting new people.

María Cuenca Martínez

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Ester said...

Hello, I agree with you in whom the practice of sport is beneficial for the human organism. Also, it is true that must educate the children with regard to the sport, the health of the persons improves with the sport.
In addition there is a great diversity of sports to choose, from sports in teams as individuals.

The good of the sport is that it can practise anyone and without a lot of effort improve your quality of life, and with it to be more long-lived.

In conclusion the life recovers and the sport they help us to have more defenses opposite to the diseases and increase our quality of life.