Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What does football mean?

Is football a stupid hobby or is it a lifestyle? In my opinion, it is a very important lifestyle. Firstly, football is a sport and is good to your health and only sometimes can be an expensive hobby (when you have to buy equipment or watch a football match).
Secondly, a lot of people support their team. In a football match the followers are very excited,
very happy or sometimes they cry. The footballers are very rich and famous. This is a mistake, they only play, no more.
Finally, football is a passion shared by many people in the world.

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laura 1a said...

yes,I agree with you when you say that football is a pasion and I enjoy very much when I see football.
But in my opinion the footlballers don´t make very important things, like discover a new medicine or something like that but also they have a lot of money simply for play.I find it stupid.