Monday, 13 April 2009

The best summer, in Glasgow!!


I was in Glasgow last summer and I would like to tell you the most interesting things happened to me there:

When we arrived to the airport, the bus was waiting for us and transported us to the hotel. During this trip we saw a street bagpiper dressed with the typical kilt and other clothes which the driver told us they were typical too the bad think was we couldn´t hear him. In the hotel, they received us with enthusiasm and show us the bedrooms.

The first days spent normally, without anything to tell, only used for accustom us to the idiom (I learnt a lot), the zone and the weather, but the ninth day we went to the Hunterian Museum. It was really fantastic!! There were dinosaur’s fossils and skeletons, sculptures… And in the zoology museum there were animals from all around the world; my favorite was the platypus, it´s really interesting.

We also went to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival; it was really funny, and I don’t understand a lot of things.

The twentieth day was the best! We went to the Celtic park for watch a football match, obviously, that were not the “Old Farm” but it was really exciting!! Celtic beat Aberdeen 2 – 1.

Other things we did were: went to a shopping centre (I think it was the Buchanan one) for buy some souvenirs for our families, I bought a cup with the draw of the University of Glasgow and a T-shirt. We also went to a brewery and we had the opportunity of taste one of the best beers of Ireland!!

I´ve enjoyed a lot the visit!!!

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