Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Watch what you want.

Many people think that one TV series or another is only for men or women, in my opinion that's not important.
Firstly, if you watch a TV program or another that won't change you completely, for example : one guy is watching the Powerpuff Girls, he won't act like a girl because of the program.

Secondly, many kids laugh at their friends for that reason and they become shy because of that. They won't tell anybody what they are watching or not, because they are afraid of their friends. And probably they will lie about that only to avoid one problem.
In conclusion, don't be shy or nervous when you tell what you watch or you don't watch, you must be proud of what you watch and ignore your friends who laugh at you.
They're probably lying ;).

Juan David

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Circe said...

Well, I think that everybody should do all things that they like, because all people are free, and if any person don´t accept it, they don´t deserve our support. And yes, it is true that there are people who says that some TV series only are for girls and others for boys, but it looks like to me a bilge, and for this, even there are people who is not capable of being accepted to himself.