Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Is the internet necessary?

Is the Internet necessary?

Now many people are using the Internet for work or study. In my opinion is very important for all.
Firstly, it contains information about what you are looking for, images, music, videos, programs to work with.
Secondly, I think that besides containing information it is a means of communication with many people around the world, business… You can also surf the internet, play, talk with friends but we must be very careful because it can be dangerous.
In conclusion, I think that we can not live without the Internet and we need it.

Raquel Martínez Ruiz

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Sandra said...

Raquel I completely agree with you, because for example when I dont understand a math lesson,I used to search in internet.And I find videos where somebody explain me the lesson. It's very handy! I recommend to everybody the next links: or

I like your blog! kisses