Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is soccer important?

Many people are obsessed with it as if it was its life. But I say: "is it really worthwhile to suffer for that sport?"
Firstly, it is a sport as any other... If you win well and if not to train but.
Secondly, from my point of view I see a to foolishness to run behind a ball. and so that? Because to give him a kick and to put it in a subject net for three sticks, if he/she enters it is goal.
In conclusion, I don't like soccer and when I watch it I get bored. I admire people that follows that... sport.


José Andrés said...

The text is very well i know until I read

Areli said...

I think that you don´t know what´s the football!!!.
The football is a fantastic sport and you can enjoy very much if you practise it!But I respect your oppinion.
You should to try this!If you want I will teach you when you want!xD


Areli said...

I think that the football is a fantastic sport,and if you try practise it you could fell very well and enjoy!but I respect your oppinion.
But if you want I will teach you how play it!XD.