Tuesday, 31 March 2009

So what? Cris vs Paula

-Hi, Paula, how are you?
-Very good, and you?
-I'm fine. What's up in your life?
-My parents and me have just flown to Germany.
-So what? I've just bought the Dominican Republic and I'm living there.
-I've just been with the most famous goalkeeper in the world, Casillas.
-It's nothing! I've just met God, and he's just given me a cloud.
-So what? I've just climbed the Everest. And I've met Yeti.
-So what? I've just done bungee jumping with my boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo.
-So what? I've just won a prize in Australia.
-So what? I've just won the prize of "best person in the world".
-I don't believe you. You aren't the best person for me.
-What do you say? I'm sorry, I don't understand you. Are you trying to flatter me?
-Ha, ha!

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