Saturday, 14 March 2009

Manu vs Solo!!

M: -Hi, Solo, what´s up?
S: -Hi, Manu, how are you?
M: -I'm fine, I've just won a chess prize!
S: -So what? I've just won Fama!!
M: -I've just appeared on TV!
S: -So what? Me too, because Miguel Ángel Silvestre was my boyfriend!!
M: -So what? I've just met Patricia Conde!!!
S: -So what? I've just met Christiano Ronaldo!!!!
M: -I've just flown to the space!
S: -So what? I've just sailed the Caribbean Sea on a luxurious yacht!!
M: -I've just climbed the Everest!
S: -So what? I've just dived the Marianas Trench!!
M: -See you later.
S: -Bye!

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