Friday, 13 March 2009

Marcos vs. Laura

M: -Hi, Laura! How are you?
L: -I'm fine, and you?
M: -Fine. Do you know that I've just met Elsa Pataky?
L: -So what? I've just met Fernando Torres and Iker Casillas.
M: -I've just flown to New York.
L: -So what? I've just flown to Puntacana.
M: -I've just appeared on an important television programme, Fourth Milenium.
L: -So what? I've just appeared on a film, Pirates of the Caribbean.
M: -I've just spent the Easter holidays in the Bahamas with my family.
L: -So what? I've just spent the Easter holidays in the space with my friends.
M: -I've just learnt by heart my town's History.
L: -So what? I've just learnt the History of the World.
M: - Are you showing off?
L: -Of course not! I'm your best friend!
M: -OK. See you soon.
L: -Bye.

Marcos López-Aguado Sánchez y Laura Gutiérrez del Pozo

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Marcos said...

Oh this is an interesting conversation!!jajaja