Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lidia vs. Raquel

L: Hi, Raquel! What's up?
R: Hi, Lidia ! Very well, and you?
L: I've just come from New York.
R: So what? I've just bought Madagascar.
L: So what? Yesterday, I bought America.
R: OK. I've met Iker Casillas.
L: So what? Miguel Ángel Silvestre is my boyfriend.
R: So what? I've just won Big Brother.
L: I've just won Supervivientes in Honduras.
R: So what? I've just done bungee jumping.
L: I've just done rafting in Tormes river.
R: OK. I've just won the lottery.
L: But I've just won Password.
R: OK. You win.
L: OK. Bye, see you later.
R: Bye.

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